Caufey Smith is the pen name of Sharon C. Allen, a business woman by trade. She has held leadership roles in for profit and nonprofit industries. Throughout her career, Sharon has traveled across North America enjoying various locations in Mexico and Canada, Toronto is one of her favorite places. Her European travels have taken her to  London, France, Italy, and German and she documented her adventures along the way.  Sharon shares her life's journey, as well as tales of friends, family and acquaintances through her books of poetry and prose.

The name Caufey Smith was derived from a nickname given to Sharon by an ex-boyfriend at a young age. Caufey (pronounced coffee) reflects her complexion - smooth, rich and brown. Smith is her birth name.

Published Work

Because of her business background, Sharon has published several articles, research reports and blogs, yet her travels have given her a passion for romance, politics, and adventure, which are displayed in her fiction writings. Sharon's poems and short stories (prose) have captured the imagination of her readers nationwide. 

Writing Roots

Sharon has been writing poetry since high school. Her writings are based on personal experience and fantasy. Sharon  hopes that her poetry will inspire her readers to dream, innovate, motivate and accomplish the unimaginable.  

Writing Style

Because Sharon has traveled throughout the USA and abroad, she uses various styles of poetry to share her experiences. In Pleasure Poetry, Caufey uses Shakespearean Sonnets, Haikus, Narratives and Free Verses. Some of the writings are fiction and others are nonfiction.



Pleasure Poetry

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