Entertaining readers through content creation and production

Entertaining readers through content creation and productionEntertaining readers through content creation and production




Sharon C. Allen, who has used the pen name Caufey Smith on previous publications, is a businesswoman, adjunct college instructor, and fiction writer. She produces literary works inspired by life, love, current events, and politics. Through international travel, academic and career experiences, Sharon made connections with various people, places, and events that stimulated the creation of poetry and prose. 

Published Work

Because of her business background, Sharon has published several articles, research reports and blogs, yet her travels have given her a passion for romance, politics, and adventure, which are displayed in her fiction writings. Sharon released her debut book, Pleasure Poetry, in 2017 and is set to release her second book entitled, Poetry and Prose, in January. It will be available at Amazon.

Writing Roots

Sharon has been writing poetry since high school. Sharon  hopes that her poetry will inspire her readers to dream, innovate, motivate and accomplish the unimaginable.  

Writing Style

Because Sharon has traveled throughout the USA and abroad, she uses various styles of poetry to share her experiences. In Pleasure Poetry, which was written under her pen name Caufey Smith, Sharon adopted the poetry styles of Shakespearean Sonnets, Haikus, Narratives, and Free Verses. She is a fiction writer with some works inspired by real life events.

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