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We have a variety of books, poetry and prose, various types of poems (Haiku, Sonnet and Narrative). We can write a custom poem for any occasion. 

Check out Caufey's Library below. 

Caufey Smith is always looking for authors to showcase their work. 

To display your creations in Caufey's library, contact us directly.

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About Pleasure Poetry


Capturing the Heart, Mind and Soul

Pleasure Poetry Foundation will capture the heart, mind and soul of its readers. Select your favorite poems to read at your next poetry out loud slam.


Types of poetry in which to choose: 


The Heart: 

A collection of romantic poems that help the readers prepare for love, fall in love and stay in love. Featured narrative poem: These Three Words. 


The Mind: 

A collection of poems that capture the readers’ imagination; they dare the reader to dream and fantasize. Featured poem: Celebrity Sonnets™ 


The Soul: 

A collection of poems that tap into the readers’ inner spirit; poems that motivate, inspire, encourage and uplift the readers to engage their broadest and deepest emotions. Featured poem and short story: Haikus and Facing Fears. 

In the end, each reader will select a poem or two as an all time favorite to share with others.

Blog with Caufey

Read Caufey Smith's more recent works in her blog.